College and applications

In addition to our main and competition branches, Robin’s Nest has a college branch that aims to help students from the application process onward, providing a place for advice from current college students. The college branch also directs students to SAT/ACT tutoring in the main branch and hosts Q&A webinars about every two weeks with current college students and university administration.

We’re also looking into providing college essay mentoring workshops in the near future – stay tuned!

Q&A College Webinars 2020

Below, we have uploaded our recordings of our webinars from the 2020 application season, which range from discussing CommonApp to financial aid information. For our 2021 webinars, scroll down to find more information.

Webinar 1: General application information

Webinar 2: ApplyTexas

Webinar 2: ApplyTexas

College Application Team

Hannah Kang

Sophomore pre-med student of Bioengineering at Rice University

Jeffrey Zhou

Sophomore engineering student of Engineering Physics at Cornell University

Zarek Driver

Sophomore pre-med student of Biochemistry at Texas Tech University

Jilpa Patel

Freshman pre-med student of Biology at Texas Tech University

Satish Banjara

Freshman pre-med student of Biology at the University of Texas at Austin

Aetizaz Sameer

Freshman IT student of Computer Science at Princeton University

Yash Mittal

Freshman engineering student of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin

Q&A College Webinars 2021

For the 2021 application season, we currently plan to host four online webinars, all presented by undergraduate students and university faculty.

  1. Essay Brainstorming Webinar: (planned August 25th)
    In the first part of the essay series, the presenters will go over example prompts that universities commonly ask (such as Why [insert college name] / Why [insert major name]) and provide strategies tackling how to answer them. After, they will host breakout rooms which will brainstorm over two prompts already discussed. We hope to promote discussion about what ideas to include in those prompts and how to portray them in the essays.
  2. Financial Aid Webinar: (planned September 8th)
    Two presenters will discuss the variety of aid options that colleges provide and accept, along with crucial information on how to access them. They will discuss both need-based and merit-based aid, much of which can be found within Texas. After the general information is presented, Aetizaz Sameer will go over Questbridge, a national college match program for high-achieving, low-income students (which Sameer was a finalist for). This webinar’s purpose is to emphasize that the cost of university can be significantly reduced through making financial aid easier to find.
  3. Texas Public Schools Webinar: (planned September 22nd)
    Current Texas Public School undergraduates will present the process of applying in Texas through ApplyTexas. They will show you how to navigate the system, how to answer the prompts, and speak about the non-application requirements that these schools require (such as transcripts, SAT / ACT scores, etc).
  4. Essay Revising / Editing Webinar: (planned October 6th)
    This is the second part to the essay series, whereby presenters will speak about the importance of continuous revising / editing and the discussion of your essay with guardians peers you trust. Moreover, they will mention how to handle constant criticism and use it to your benefit. After, they will host breakout rooms where they will analyze rough-drafts essays and fix them to better suit the college process.