Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Robin’s Nest will only be offering online tutoring for the time being. When physical classes are a safe option once more, we will open a new form for in-person tutoring. Thank you for understanding.


Group Tutoring

Group tutoring sessions are possible when multiple students are interested in learning the same subject, at approximately the same level, together.

Private Tutoring (1:1)

Private, or one-on-one, tutoring is our main method of providing tutoring services. We will match each student with one of our tutors that match their needs best or by request.

Open Lecture

Lectures are over a specified topic and be for a range of grades held by 1-3 tutors. Sessions are held by request of student or tutors and will be designed to be more interactive than standard lectures.

We offer tutoring for students of all ages and for numerous subjects such as:

  • Elementary, middle, and high school core subjects (ELAR, math, science, social studies)
  • Standardized test preparation (STAAR, PSAT/SAT/SAT II, ACT, AP/IB)
  • Computer programming (Java, Python, Matlab, etc.)
  • Music theory
  • Competitive academics (UIL, Mathcounts, AMC/AIME, Science Olympiads)
  • Foreign language (Mandarin, Spanish, Korean) and ESL
  • College application help and essay mentoring in the near future

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