Lubbock STEM Club

Robin’s Nest is partnered with the Lubbock STEM Club, a local STEM tutoring organization.

Like Robin’s Nest, the Lubbock STEM Club is free and student-led, although as the name suggests it places an emphasis on middle and high school STEM competitions including UIL, Mathcounts, AMC/AIME, Science Bowl, and Chemistry Olympiads.

We encourage students – seasoned Olympiad veterans and first-time UIL competitors alike – to join the Lubbock STEM Club to foster math and science skills while exploring interests and having fun, and we also encourage our tutors to consider joining as coaches.
Click here to join the Lubbock STEM Club. For more information, contact Austin Chen at or through a head tutor.

Competition tutors

Austin Chen

Founder, Co-Manager, and Mathcounts Head Coach

Helene Deng

Co-Manager and Website Manager

Alfonzo Salvador

MS UIL Calculator Coach

Bilal Kharrat

Intro to Chemistry Olympiad Head Coach

Tony Wang

Intro to Chemistry Olympiad Coach and High School UIL Math Head Coach

Jeffrey Zhou

AIME Coach

Sean Kyhm

Middle School UIL Math Coach

Bill Tang

Mathcounts Coach and AMC Head Coach