Tutor-Student Relationship

We understand how important it is for students to have a positive role model especially since we hope our tutors will form a relationship beyond academics as a lasting mentor with each student. While maintaining appropriate professionalism, we hope to create a learning environment for students that is both comfortable and exciting through our tutors.

To keep our tutors up to our standards both academically and behaviorally we require each of our tutors to sign our “Tutor Expectations” contract and are held accountable for all listed expectations for their entire duration as a Robin’s Nest tutor. You can find our entire “Tutor Expectations” form here:


In the past, we have found our tutors through a mixture of personal connections and recommendations from Lubbock High School AP/IB Coordinator Ms. Erin Castle. We are constantly recruiting new tutors for both in person and virtual tutoring sessions. If you have any further questions about our recruitment process, feel free to email us know here.

Head Tutors

Hannah Kang

Co-Founder and Head Tutor

Hey y’all! I’m Hannah and I’m a sophomore at Rice University majoring in Bioengineering. I’m passionate about helping students of all backgrounds reach their maximum academic potential by making learning fun and rewarding. I believe that just like each individual, the learning process for each student is unique and understand how to adapt her teaching style to help them reach their fullest potential. I look forward to working with y’all! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any help!

Jeffrey Zhou

Co-Founder and Head Tutor

Hey everyone! I’m Jeff and I am a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Engineering Physics and minoring in Computer Science. I really enjoy finding and catering to the unique learning preferences of each student, and trying to come up with simple and elegant explanations for complex topics. Specifically, I am passionate about science, math and computer science education, and I want to not only help foster a love for learning those subjects, but also help develop the foundational abilities in those subjects that can prepare any student for success in future pathways.

Kate Kim

Head Tutor and Email Manager

Hello! I love working with any type of student but especially enjoy tutoring elementary and middle school levels in core subjects such as Math or English. I also have experience with tutoring kids with special needs, and I believe in adapting to each individual according to their needs to make learning fun. 🙂

Derek Zhou

Head Tutor, Meeting Scheduler, Treasurer, and Co-Head of Tutoring at the TJ Patterson Library

Hi! I’m Derek, a senior at Lubbock High. I like teaching STEM subjects, like Computer Science, Math, and Robotics. I hope that by working with students I can help them learn to think in a different way to solve their problems.

Ruby Barenberg

Head Tutor, Tutor Manager, and Co-Head of Tutoring at the Godeke Library

Hello! I love teaching kids of all ages (preferably late elementary through high school.) I like to teach English and other subjects in the humanities (history, geography, language etc.) though I can teach middle school science as well! I love to read and I hope to help other kids discover their love of reading and learning!

Bilal Kharrat

Head Tutor, Manager of In-Person Tutoring, and Co-Head of Tutoring at the TJ Patterson Library

Hello, I’m Bilal, and I love teaching students in a variety of subjects. My favorite topics to tutor in are history, writing, and math. I am qualified to teach any age range, but work especially well with younger students.

Razanne Shoukfeh

Head Tutor and Co-Head of Tutoring at the Godeke Library

Hello! I teach students K-10 Math, Science, Humanities, and English. I enjoy seeing kids go past their limits and helping them along the way!

Lily Wang

Head Tutor and Manager of Virtual Tutoring

Hello! My name is Lily and I am currently a senior at Lubbock High School. I mainly teach elementary and middle school math subjects. I am patient and open-minded with students and I hope to create a friendly environment that allows them to be comfortable with the process of learning.


Gui Amaral

Zafeer Arefeen

Caed Barron

Sidd Bhakta

Austin Chen

Marina Driver

Zarek Driver

Annmarie Farag

Noah Galbraith

Mikeal Graham

Hi! I’m Mikeal Graham and I am a senior at Lubbock High. I teach Science, Math, English and Social Studies. I love tutoring for Robins Nest because it gives children an opportunity for individual educational attention which is something I would have loved have to have as a child and it is a learning experience for both me and the student!

Savanna He

Hello! My name is Savanna and I’m a sophomore at Lubbock High. I enjoy working with kids of all ages, though I do prefer teaching students in upper elementary and middle school. I like to teach math or science, though I can tutor in English and history as well if needed.

Anika Iyer

Hi! My name is Anika Iyer and I tutor English and Math to elementary school students primarily. I am a member of the Robin’s Nest Social Media Team. My favorite part of tutoring is getting to know a student and creating a lesson plan that works for them!

Elise Jackson

Hello! My name is Elise Jackson, and I’m an IB senior at Lubbock High school. I primarily tutor English and science K-12. I hope to help students find interest and enjoyment in learning!

Peixuan Jiang

Hello! My name is Peixuan and I can tutor math for students in kindergarten through middle school, and English and writing for students in grades K-12, I am also happy to help younger students from elementary to middle school with STEM and history courses.

Tyler Kim

Sean Kyhm

Yasmine Moussa

Hi, my name is Yasmine and I’m a senior at Talkington High School. I love being able to teach about subjects I’m passionate about and guide students through their education. I hope to cultivate a mindset in young kids that allows school to seem fun and interesting!

Nihil Nandakumar

Tanusha Nath

Hello! My name is Tanusha Nath and I am a currently a junior at Lubbock High! I really love teaching kids that are in elementary and middle school. I really enjoy teaching math and if needed I can also teach English!

Nathaniel Nokken

Hi! I’m Nathaniel and I’m a senior at Lubbock High School. I love to help tutor students in English, history, and social studies. I’m comfortable teaching all age groups, and always strive to individualize learning and make it fun for all involved.

Heath Palle

Aarna Patel

Jilpa Patel

Kaushal Patel

Lily Reyes

Georgia Rocap

Hi, I’m Georgia. I’m a junior in IB at Lubbock High School. I tutor english and history K-12 and math/science for middle school and elementary. I love working with all ages and seeing progress in learning and tutor relationships.

Madison Rodriguez

Alfonzo Salvador

Hello, I’m Alfonzo and I’m a junior Lubbock High. I work with students from late elementary to high school. I typically work in the subjects of math, science, and the humanities!

Zuzu Shelton

Hi, my name is Zuzu Shelton and I’m a senior at Lubbock High. I really love working with younger kids. My favorite subjects to tutor in are math and reading and I really enjoy finding fun ways to connect what their learning to real world experiences.

Kyler Shu

Zhikai Tang

Hi! I’m Bill and I’m a Junior at Lubbock High. I enjoy teaching STEM topics, and I love math and computers. I enjoy doing problem solving, and I want to extend that joy of learning to my students.

Savannah Trevino

I enjoy teaching all subjects, but I have a particularly strong passion for teaching English. I love to work with students of all ages and I am very good with young kids. I have taken a child development course and I have experience working with elementary-aged children. I am patient, understanding, and I believe everyone has a lot of potential. It gives me great pleasure to help others and I am very accommodating. I can help with specific homework assignments and also plan lessons tailored to an individual.

Serena Trevino

Hello! My name is Serena Trevino and I’m a Sophomore at Lubbock High School. I tutor kids in elementary and middle school. My favorite subjects to tutor in is Science and English, but can also tutor in Mathematics! I love working with kids and strive to create a positive learning environment to help them succeed.

Tony Wang

Avery Wisniewski

Helen Xie

Hello! My name is Helen Xie, and I am a current junior at Lubbock High School. I teach kids of all ages, especially younger kids, in English and mathematics. I have a highly personalized approach to teaching students, and will do as much as I can to help them succeed.

Past Head Tutors

Noura Shoukfeh

Aetizaz Sameer

Satish Banjara

Yash Mittal

To maintain our integrity, we allow our students and their parents to report any of our tutors for misconduct. Email us directly so that we are able to handle the situation effectively!