The Value of Fine Arts: An Interview With One of Our Tutors, Yash Mittal

Robin’s Nest was able to host an interview with the now graduated Yash Mittal, who is currently attending the University of Texas. First interviewed back in May before school was out, Yash was able to reflect on his years of participating in fine arts while in high school. Yash has been involved in Orchestra since the third grade, was active in the Youth Orchestra of Lubbock, and was a part of Chamber orchestra at Lubbock High School his junior and senior year. In Yash’s perspective, fine arts provide amazing friends and allow you to grow in your knowledge. 

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Interesting Extracurriculars: Model United Nations

Interested in improving your public speaking skills? Intrigued by global politics? Want to learn more about the world around you? Participate in Model United Nations, a team competition and  simulation of the United Nations and its bodies where students debate issues ranging from the possession of nuclear arms to gender equality and food security.

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The Importance and Utility of Extracurriculars

Originally published August 12, 2020
Updated and migrated August 30, 2020

As students progress through middle and high school, many hear the term ‘extracurricular’ told more frequently. Emphasis may unexpectedly move from their activities in the classroom to those outside the classroom, known as extracurricular activities (or informally, “extracurriculars”). Uninfluenced by their school’s offerings, extracurricular activities are important for students of all ages to participate in; unlike school (or formally, “curricular”) activities, excluding summer school, they can be completed during summer break and other school breaks as well. Heading into the 2020-2021 school year, these are some of the many extracurriculars that students can enjoy and benefit from.

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