Note Taking Tips

As a student, an essential skill to have is effective note-taking. This ability is a key element of your academic journey, and it’s crucial to develop this skill early on. Note-taking helps you retain information and understand the material better. It also helps you prepare for exams and assignments by having all the necessary information in one place. However, taking effective notes requires more than writing everything you hear or see in class. The process involves a personalized approach in order to maximize the information you retain while minimizing the time and effort you put forth.

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College Application Tips

Applying to college is one of the biggest steps any high school student takes in their education. The enormity of the process and decision can be incredibly stressful. I myself can attest to this as I went through the struggle this last year. The goal of this article is to share some personal experiences that I believe can help prospective applicants, and give some tips to finding the right college for you.

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The Value of Fine Arts: Magnet Open House

The following is a compilation of interviews done by our Robin’s Nest article writing team about the various groups that performed at Lubbock High School’s magnet open house in December. These interviews show the variety of fine arts and activities offered in many high schools as well as the benefits from participating in these activities.

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The Value of Fine Arts: An Interview With One of Our Tutors, Yash Mittal

Robin’s Nest was able to host an interview with the now graduated Yash Mittal, who is currently attending the University of Texas. First interviewed back in May before school was out, Yash was able to reflect on his years of participating in fine arts while in high school. Yash has been involved in Orchestra since the third grade, was active in the Youth Orchestra of Lubbock, and was a part of Chamber orchestra at Lubbock High School his junior and senior year. In Yash’s perspective, fine arts provide amazing friends and allow you to grow in your knowledge. 

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Interesting Extracurriculars: Model United Nations

Interested in improving your public speaking skills? Intrigued by global politics? Want to learn more about the world around you? Participate in Model United Nations, a team competition and  simulation of the United Nations and its bodies where students debate issues ranging from the possession of nuclear arms to gender equality and food security.

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Cultures From Around the World: Passover

 At Robin’s Nest Tutoring, our Article Writing Team will be starting a monthly series detailing holidays celebrated among our culturally and regionally diverse student and tutoring body. It is important to us that all religions, holidays, and cultures are represented and shared, and we would love to have a part in sharing them with you. For this first installment, we will be looking at the Jewish holiday of Passover!

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How to Succeed on the ACT

A common question that almost every high school student will have at some point is “Should I take the SAT or the ACT?”

Most of you will have some familiarity with the SAT and its younger sibling, the PSAT, through school administered tests. Because of this, a majority of you will choose to take the SAT, simply because you have never taken the ACT before. But in reality, the ACT is not much different from the SAT, and with a few simple tips, you can learn how to adequately prepare and ace for the ACT.

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